Úvod Laboratorní plasty Zkumavky Microcentrifuge Tube 1.5 ml Microcentrifuge Tube SALSA MLPA P300 Reference-2 probemix - 100 reactions

SALSA MLPA P300 Reference-2 probemix - 100 reactions

SALSA MLPA P300 Reference-2 probemix - 100 reactions

application: Synthetic 'home-made' probes
region: Reference probes + control fragments Detailní informace

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Detailní popis SALSA MLPA P300 Reference-2 probemix - 100 reactions

P300-100R SALSA MLPA P300 Human DNA reference-2 probemix – 100 rxn

The P300-A2 Human DNA reference-2 probemix contains reference probes and control fragments specific for unique human DNA sequences. This probemix has been developed to be used in combination with ‘home-made’ synthetic MLPA probes. The control fragments and reference probes in this P300 probemix facilitate the data analysis of your synthetic probemix and maximise the number of synthetic probes you can include. 

Besides the P300 probemix, MRC-Holland also offers the P200 reference probemix. While the P200-A1 leaves the entire range from 80-170 nt open for the inclusion of synthetic probes, the reference P300-A2 probemix has reference probes distributed over the whole size range of the probemix. This is especially advantageous for correction of the signal sloping of MLPA amplification products. Signal sloping is the effect that longer probes generate a lower peak height / area on the electropherogram than shorter probes; the exact amount of signal sloping differs between sequencer types and can differ between different samples. 

The use of P200 is recommended when a large number of synthetic probes are used, preferably targeting sequences on different chromosomes. Results can be difficult to interpret when P200 is used in combination with a small number of probes all targeting the same gene or chromosomal region, and with lengths much smaller than the reference probes. 

The use of P300 is recommended when a smaller number of synthetic probes is used. 

Guidelines on how to design synthetic MLPA probes and the RAW software for TM calculation are available on our website www.mlpa.com. Unfortunately, we cannot offer additional support on probe design. Please read our synthetic probe design protocol very carefully before you start designing.

This P300-A2 Human DNA Reference-2 probemix contains 15 reference probes. In addition, four Quality Control (Q)-fragments, one Denaturation Control (D)-fragment, one HhaI-Digestion Control probe, one chromosome Y-specific and one chromosome X-specific control probe are included. The Q-fragments give a warning when insufficient amounts of sample DNA are used. The D-fragment gives a warning when sample DNA was not completely denatured. The 88 nt Denaturation Control Fragment that has been included from lot A2-0111 onwards will already have a strongly decreased probe signal when only 40 mM salt or more is present in the DNA sample to be tested.

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